The benefits and potential cannot be ignored when taking the opportunity to buy DP-NFT right at the Presale round.

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Every investor has a need to find a potential coin to Hold and Trade. Choosing the right, standard at the time of investment in the current market is always focused and carefully considered. So what will DP-NFT Token bring to investors when participating and holding the opportunity to buy Coins at the time of Presale Round through Whitelist.

Potential when participating and holding the opportunity to buy Coin in the community sales round.

If you are a follower of the digital currency market, surely you cannot help but know the Seed round, Private sale and Presale round. So what makes Whitelist always the most anticipated phase of smart Coin investors?  So what makes these opening rounds always the most anticipated period of smart Coin investors:

Low starting price: Investors will only lose a much lower amount of capital than the time after the coin increases in price.

Hold a large amount: When buying Coins at Seed Round, Private Sale or Presale, investors will hold a large amount of Coins in hand and reserve waiting for the exchange to sell for profit.

No pressure: Investors do not need to stress by closely monitoring the market like trading coins.

Low difficulty:  The form of holding coins only requires investors to learn about coin potential, fundamental analysis of coins.

Catching the trend: When holding Coin at this time, it is equivalent to investors who are leading the trend of the market.

Profit optimization: For Holders who know how to manage well, they even get more coins if they take Staking  for rewards, this is also a way to maximize the potential of existing assets of the owners  Investors.

Market impact: The fact that a series of investors hold the entire coin reserve that the issuer launches makes the scarcity and “hot” of the coin increase, leading to the difference between Supply – Demand, impact on their prices – the obvious is the expected growth.

So how to handle Dragon Pool’s DP-NFT in the smartest and most profitable way? Whitelist is an indispensable stepping stone to advance to the Presale round and listing on exchange, what you need to care about is to focus and maximize the opportunity to participate and refer other investors to increase the ranking – increase your chances of buying coins on the Whitelist

Because of:

– The whitelist will limit the number of wallets that can buy coins.

– The purchase price at the time is the best price.

DP-NFT Token – special policy for investors in the Presale Round through Whitelist.

For the Dragon Pool Game system, DP-NFT will satisfy both the starting price requirements and the predictable growth forecast. Dragon Pool has many other features that make you “surprise” when participating, from conquering different difficulty levels in the game to high-class tournaments to create a playground in the gaming community. In addition, there are many attractive rewards programs with high value held regularly according to the specified season. In particular, the best price policy for investors when buying coins at Whitelist.

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In addition, an advantage in the Dragon Pool Game system is that not only investors who need large capital, but also small and medium investors can participate to increase their chances of making money in this market. The combination of gaming and profit optimization is a great thing for investors after stressful working hours.

What DP-NFT is sure to see strong growth in the coming period, with the development team’s wallet lock for 24 months certified by and confirming the value when listing on exchange will increase many times.

Token Allocation:

Advisor: 3% – Lock

Dev: 24% – Lock

Marketing: 12% – Lock

Agency: 10% – Lock

Play to earn: 26% – Lock

Listing: 12% – Lock cakelp

(Lock for 24 months opened every month 1% by and

Presale: 12%

Airdrop: 1%

Read full contract:

Expected to launch in December 2021 – DP-NFT Token has a great belief that it will quickly conquer investors thanks to its advantages and differences.

The private sale is ongoing, with the launch date yet to be announced. The valid investor who would love to collaborate, invest, or get involved with the Dragon Pool project can get in touch with the team at [email protected]

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