How to Securely Store Cryptocurrency: A Beginner’s Guide for New Bitcoin Investors

Securely storing your cryptocurrency investments can be challenging for first-time digital asset investors. To help you with this aspect of blockchain investing, we have created a beginner’s guide on how to securely store your digital assets. Securely Storing Crypto: A Challenge for First-Time Bitcoin Investors One of the challenges for new digital asset investors is […]

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Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich (With Blockchain)

Today, I’m coming out of the closet. Over a decade ago, I discovered a little book called Think and Grow Rich. Written in 1937 by Napoleon Hill (pictured above), it is considered one of the classic self-improvement books. The basic premise is that our thoughts become things. If you want to become rich, Hill says, […]

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The Fed Sets a New Record

Once again, the Federal Reserve has set a new record, as they continue their blatant manipulation of financial markets. Here we can see the amount of cash left in what’s known as the overnight reverse repo facility, which just reached $1.12 trillion for the first time on Wednesday. If you’re not entirely sure how reverse […]

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Bank fees

Fee vs. Free: How to Avoid Crypto Transaction Fees

Let’s talk about fees. Since the beginning of blockchain, we’ve painted this vision of crypto: “Imagine sending money around the world, instantly, with no fees!” What’s more, we’ve railed against old-school financial institutions with their sky-high fees. “Credit card companies take 3% of your transaction!” Today, the reality is that most crypto transactions take a […]

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