Blockcities announces partnership with Simply Natural Farms, in a bid to transform the future of agriculture

Blockcities announces partnership with Simply Natural Farms, in a bid to transform the future of agriculture

Press Release

August 04, 2021, Salt Lake City, UT Blockcities has agreed a partnership with leading organic agricultural enterprise Simply Natural Farms. The partnership seeks to harness Blockcities’ asset tokenization technology in order for investors to buy into the future growth of sustainable farming. This partnership is the first in a series of future deals, which will help make investing in sustainable ventures simple and transparent – allowing a global audience to help these ventures grow, while seeing return on their investments.


Blockcities has built a marketplace for sustainable assets, where users will access both housing, energy and agriculture solutions available on demand. To make this possible, Blockcities has partnered the world’s leading sustainable housing manufacturers and agriculture enterprises to unlock this hugely important sector for ethically-minded investors.

The marketplace allows for the tokenization of assets such as houses, plantations and solar energy farms onto the blockchain. These assets are then opened up to investors – either as a whole, or through fractional ownership. This gives sustainable enterprises the investment needed to grow and flourish, while unlocking the door to investors seeking a more sustainable asset class.

About the partnership

Simply Natural Farms, a multinational, vertically integrated organic agriculture enterprise, is preparing to offer fractionalized plantations with professional management through the upcoming Blockcities platform. Together, Simply Natural Farms and Blockcities are poised to bring fractional organic agriculture to the masses.

Blockcities is leading the way in making blockchain technology simple and easy to use. It takes the best of what blockchains have to offer and applies this technology towards fractionalizing physical assets, with milestone based smart contract distribution on the backend. This allows them to provide a real time visualization of the construction process, similar to a Domino’s pizza tracker that we all know and love.

Designed to be a game-changer in the move towards sustainability, Blockcities enables users to buy fractional ownership in sustainable physical assets powered by blockchain technology. They are offered to investors in the form of tokenized securities. Their real estate tokenization protocol allows property owners to digitize real assets for the purpose of providing fractional ownership. This allows investors to diversify across multiple assets, rather than being all-in on a single investment. 

About Blockcities

Blockcities is bringing sustainable housing, agriculture and energy assets to the mass market by tokenizing real-world assets, and allowing fractional ownership. This blockchain-powered asset marketplace allows sustainable enterprises to receive vital investment needed for growth, while enabling investors access to more sustainable, ethical assets.