MoonRat introduces the latest innovation – Proof of Trade in EarnBUSD


MoonRat, the inventor

The MoonRat Team is the innovator and the first to bring the Earn by holding and the anti-whale mechanisms to holders on the Binance Smart Chain network. 

The success of MoonRat inspired dozens of projects to duplicate MoonRat’s code which has made the Earn by holding feature trending.

The MoonRat team introduces MoonRatX and the Proof of Trade to accelerate innovation further. MoonRatX is the name of the MoonRat Ecosystem and its super DeFi Dapp.

Earning by trading & holding enriches your investing habits

Let’s see how MoonRatX simplifies DeFi. We noticed that the current DeFi projects are difficult for most new blockchain investors. We remove all complex terms and jargon like yield farming, LP tokens, and impermanent loss. 

There are two ways to earn in our ecosystem: trade and hold your tokens to earn rewards. All investors no matter their level can take part in the MoonRatX with ease.

Trading and holding are simple investing actions that all potential investors can understand to make their decision. 

MoonRatX Overview

MoonRatX combines these most innovative technologies: Proof of Trade, Earn by Holding AntiWhales. MoonRatX also has excellent features like Limit holding, Reflection Reward, Automatic Liquidity Pool, community-driven, and fair-launched tokens.

MoonRatX and all its tokens have a full security audit by Certik – the leading security-focused ranking platform for DeFi projects.

There are four types of tokens in MoonRatX

– Reward Tokens 

– Child Tokens

– MRX Token 


Reward tokens are well-known tokens on BSC like BUSD, Cake, Bake. You can swap these reward tokens to get child tokens like EBUSD, ECAKE, EDOGE, and vice-versa that creates these trading pairs likes:




Proof of Trade – The trading fee is for traders

Every time you trade these trading pairs, you receive an amount of MRX token based on the number of child tokens you traded. The ratio is 1:1 called MRX Mint Rate. For example, when you buy or sell 1000 EBUSD; you receive 1000 MRX. 

There is a 12% tax applying for all these trading pairs: 

  • 5% of tax is for automatic LP 
  • 2% for reflection rewards to all holders
  • 5% for Reward Pool. Reward Pool separates into two pools: Instant Reward Pool for traders and Weekly Reward Pool for holders. Each child token has its own dashboard and reward pool.

EarnBUSD.Finance – first child token that implements the most innovative feature, Proof Of Trade.

You can exchange MRX to collect Instant Rewards whenever you want. You can pick the biggest Instant Reward pool to collect the reward.  

After each collection 

  • 75.5% of your MRX will be burned 
  • 20% will be sent to the Reserved Wallet (Marketing and Operation Fund) 
  • You keep 4.5% as a gift (MRX Gift Rate)

You have to trade again to gain more new MRX.

The Proof of Trade works like a charm. During the 10 days of our Testnet Event, participants made over 1 million transactions. 

In the future, MRX is the utility token that transfers benefits between child tokens in the MoonRatX. You can mine MRX from trading, sell them on exchanges, or vice-versa, buy MRX from exchanges, and collect Instant Rewards.

Earn by holding – Passive income for long term investors

Suppose you are a holder and do not want to trade. All you have to do is buy and hold child tokens and collect your Weekly Reward. No wallet setup, no complex staking, your funds never leave your wallet. There’s no risk of losing them, and your tokens increase over time due to the reflection rewards.

MoonRatX introduces the Reflection Rewards feature that uses 2% of every transaction to distribute to all holders. 

By holding child tokens, you receive both reward tokens and child tokens. For example, you can collect BUSD from Weekly Reward Pool and receive EBUSD from reflection rewards.

The burn address is also a holder receiving reflections; thus, each transaction helps to deflate the supply.

The VIP Membership

You can even get a 20% reward boost if you are a VIP member by holding at least 80,000,000,000 SMRAT.

Other benefits

  • Increase mint rate of MRX up to 20%
  • Pay only 25% tax with normal holder

This VIP program motivates people to hold SMRAT to earn BNB because SMRAT is the only token that can earn BNB in MoonRatX. 

More information 

Join us and earn by trading and holding





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